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Are your properties safe and legal?

As you are aware, each gas and electrical appliance and installation in UK rented accommodation should be tested and certified safe. In an event of an accident you must be able to prove that all appliances were safe. The only way you can be absolutely sure they are safe is to subject each appliance to gas and electrical safety tests in order to get them certificated with an electrical and gas safety certificate issued by one of our engineers.

Not only can you be fined for not having proved that each appliance is safe, you can also be fined for causing carbon monoxide poisoning in an event of a defective gas appliance. Landlords cannot ignore their liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence. Gas installations can leak deadly carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is undetectable: you can't see it, smell it or even taste it but it could injure you or even kill you if you breathe it in.

Landlords must have gas installations and appliances in rented accommodation tested and certificated safe every year. Penalties for infringement can be severe – with fines of up to £5,000, six months’ (or more) imprisonment, or both! Plus the Housing Act (the HHSRS) requires that electrical appliances and installations are inspected and tested in accordance with the Safety Regulations.

Gas inspection
Inspection and test of the gas installation and up to three appliances, i.e. gas boiler, cooker and gas fires which also identifies any gas leaks or poisonous carbon monoxide (CO).

Gas Boiler Service
Neglected gas boilers can be a principal source of leaks and CO. Regular servicing not only protects your tenants, it extends life of the boiler and ensures economic running.

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